International Students: October 2012

International Students at Marine Military Academy; Part II

International students have a long history of attending MMA which goes back to the very earliest days of the school. This is the second article in the series spotlighting international students at Marine Military Academy.  The Academy has almost 30% international students and their accomplishments are both significant and varied.  Each of the students has provided their own comments and the information in this article is in their own words.

International Students Interviews

Cadet Wu Yang Yi

international studentsPlace of Birth: Beijing, china
Age: 14
Year: Freshman
Years at MMA: 1st
Rank: Cadet Private
Class Rank: N/A
GPA: 2.71

“I came to MMA because my friend Jiang came here first and he said the school is very good.  He introduced me to the school so I came as a summer camper in 2012.  Cadet Jiang was also my Cadet Instructor for the summer.  He taught me a lot of things so when summer camp finished I discovered I loved this place so I came to MMA.”

“What I like most about MMA is the Back 40 (LEAD Complex).”

“MMA tells me what is real, what is Marine Corps and it teaches me knowledge and helps me to grow my muscles.”

     Cadet Wu is a member of the MMA Rock Climbing Team.  His first introduction to rock climbing was during summer camp 2012 and he thoroughly loves the sport.  He has shown outstanding grasp of the sport and is improving daily.

Cadet Falco Fematt

international studentsPlace of Birth: Monterey, Mexico
Age: 17
Year: Junior
Years at MMA: 4
Rank: Cadet Private
Class Rank: 11 of 48
GPA: 3.41

“When I first found out about MMA was in June 2008. I came to summer camp 2009 thinking it was going to be fun and it was.  I wanted to do something different in life, something that would make me stand out, something that would help me mature, grow up and change habits I did not like in my person.  I wanted something different in life and I found MMA.”

“What I like most about MMA is that we have a very tight schedule.  For people like me who tend to get distracted easily and waste a lot of time a tight schedule was amazing and it helps me to be a lot more productive with my time and be consistent on things that I want to make an everyday habit.”

“MMA has helped me in numerous ways.  First and foremost it helped me change my eating habits which I did not like.  MMA helped me to be more consistent on things I need to get done, organize my time, plan ahead, lead a group and build my morale.  I can tell numerous things MMA did for me but the most important thing MMA has taught me is to learn from my mistakes. ”

Cadet Rustam Shaykhutdinov

international studentsPlace of Birth: Karayanda, Kazakhstan
Age: 20
Year: Senior
Years at MMA: 3
Rank: Cadet Lance Corporal
Class Rank: 24 of 57
GPA: 2.09

“Back home bad decisions and negative crowd had influenced me in doing bad things such as careless attitude toward school.  I would not graduate back  home because of my grades.  MMA gave me another chance to improve myself in leadership and academics ways and get me on the right track.”

“MMA  has lots of people that over time became good friends and even people that I keep  in touch with outside of MMA.  Marine Military Academy has tons of great activities such as rock climbing which is really unique and challenging.  I have been doing rock climbing for two years and it became my hobby.  Also great sports such as cycling, swimming and boxing which keep me busy and active.  Those are the things I like about MMA.”

“MMA made me a more responsible and mature person.  Knowing that I am here by myself, I knew that I had to be responsible and I had pay for my actions which built a new person in me.  Education wise it improved me in everything starting from math and all the way to photography.”

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