Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Merit Badge News

Boy Scouts Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge

boy scoutsBoy Scouts are making steady progress towards completion of the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. Executive Director & Pastor Bill Reagan of Harlingen Loaves and Fishes generously devoted his time as a guest speaker to assist our Boy Scouts by discussing an issue important to the community, and how young people can help (merit badge requirements).

Boy Scouts Learn About Loaves and Fishes

Owned by the churches of Harlingen, Loaves & Fishes serves as the “mission arm” of the churches, offering Help & Hope for the Hungry, the Homeless & the Hurting. Loaves and Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley is a non-profit agency that offers the homeless and needy a place to go to restart their lives in a caring and supportive environment. Loaves and Fishes has served Upper Cameron and Willacy Counties  since 1991.

The mission of Loaves & Fishes is to improve the community by restoring broken lives. Loaves and Fishes does this by feeding the hungry; sheltering the homeless; training and placing into jobs those that desire to rejoin the community as productive members; and by providing monetary and non-monetary aid to those experiencing a life altering event that takes away their ability to afford the necessities of life.

boy scoutsWhile the glaring issues of poverty and hunger impacts the local community of Harlingen, Texas, it also affects other communities around the nation, and especially so in these tough economic times. Pastor Reagan offered very telling statistics and information to our Boy Scouts regarding the high poverty and hunger rates in Cameron County. Through first person narratives, he described heart-wrenching situations of some of the people who seek help from Loaves and Fishes. The facility relies on grants, donations, and volunteers to fund the $900,000 yearly operating costs. Pastor Reagan held the full attention of each on of our Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts came away with a much greater understanding of the many blessings and fortunate circumstances in their own lives.

boy scoutsIn posing for a group photo, Senior Patrol Leader Alfonso Garcia gave Pastor Reagan a hearty hand shake on behalf of the troop in appreciation for his informative presentation.

In Other Boy Scouts News

Life Scout Nick Bailey has committed to continuing his Eagle Scout Community Service Leadership Project this upcoming Saturday. Nick is closing-in on completion in the next couple of weeks.

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