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Boy Scouts Troop 22 Campout

Boy Scouts Troop 22 conducted a campout  the weekend of Oct 19/21. They camped at the Los Palomas unit aside the Arroyo Colorado river. This 700 acre property is owned and managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. It is set-aside to preserve some of the natural forests and vegetation of South Texas, and to protect the wildlife residents. Los Palomas contains a wide variety of plants and animals. In fact, scientific studies and animal tracking analysis routinely take place on this parcel of protected property. Park Manager Sam Patten is the direct sponsor for our Boy Scouts troop. It is through his generosity our boys continue to have access to this pristine environment unique to the Rio Grande Valley.

Boy Scouts Chow Down!

boy scoutsThe Boy Scouts had some time to horse-around and become familiar with the surroundings before supper. Make your own gourmet sandwiches was the main menu item Friday evening. Plenty of designer lunchmeat, cheeses, and condiments were on-hand to satisfy voracious teenage boy appetites. It was amazing to see three loaves of bread along with three thick packages of meat selections and cheese vanish in about 10 minutes.

The Boy Scouts prepared and cooked all meals. They ate very well all weekend. Menu items included:  Ham/turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars, ham, cheese, onions, & pepper man-omelets, super-sized pancakes & syrup, bacon, orange juice, fresh fruit, bread & butter, hash-browns, grated cheese, cheese-burgers, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, fruit cocktail, fruit drink, potato chips, tortillas, chili-dogs, apple sauce, Captain Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios cereals (perennial favorites), cheese crackers, and Fig Newton’s. Saturday night cracker-barrel (snack!!) items included traditional and non-traditional smores (using Milk Duds), marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, and Dr. Pepper. The Boy Scouts each weighed a little more upon return to campus. Mom’s will be pleased to note the irrefutable photographic evidence of the boys washing their own dishes and cook wear! Yikes! Whazzup with that?

boy scoutsCadet Workman fit right into the large tractor cockpit on the site. Took him back to his sandbox days when he had the biggest Tonka Toys!

Prior to Saturday dinner, Eagle Scout and Assistant Scoutmaster Patrick Church conducted an impressive flag retirement/burning ceremony. This was a first for most of the boys.

The Boy Scouts hiked some trails within the reservation. Several completed the Orienteering Merit Badge and Junior ROTC orienteering ribbon requirements (Patrick Church is pictured supervising the merit badge). Some of the orienteering work was conducted at dusk, then night. The Boy Scouts also focused their attentions towards rank advancement, with 5 new Scouts meeting the requirements for Tenderfoot Scout. They also engaged in camping/outdoor skills building, and thoroughly enjoyed the brotherhood of Boy Scouts around a roaring campfire.

Eagle Scouts Patrick Church and Logan Workman attended and provided invaluable leadership to the event this past weekend. Their dedication to Scouting and members of Troop 22 is highly laudable, and positively influences our up and coming Scouts. Well-well done guys! Workman also encourages recycling (photo) as a Troop 22 practice.

boy scoutsCadet Alfonso Garcia was voted the most outstanding camper for his display of leadership and setting the example at all times. He recently became the Senior Patrol Leader and has wasted no time in flexing his leadership muscles.

The boys demonstrated strong Boy Scouts Spirit, teamwork, and cooperation in all phases of the campout over the weekend. They were suitably rewarded with a cold ice cream treat at the local Dairy Queen on the return. Yumm! The campout was a rewarding experience for all as they continue down the long path towards Eagle Scout.


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