Confidence Course Work Continues

Confidence Course Work Nears Completion

Maj Harold Compton

confidence courseWork on the newest events to the Confidence Course is nearing completion.  We will soon add the Overhead Ladder and two new Medium Hurdles to the Confidence Course, bringing the total number of obstacles on the course to sixteen.  Work began several weeks ago with the arrival of the 16′ poles.  Members of the Rock Climbing Team assisted in setting the poles for the Overhead Ladder.  These poles were allowed to settle and the rains we recently received helped in settling them to their final position.  The poles have now been cut to the proper length and work will now begin on fabrication of the overhead ladder which will be attached on top of the poles.  We hope to have work finished prior to the Thanksgiving Break however, the Confidence Course will not be used until Plebe Training in January to allow confidence coursethe event to settle some more.  The end poles will be at a height of 8 feet above the ground with the center poles 10 feet above ground.  Participants will hang from the overhead ladder and move upward,  hand over hand and then back down to the far end.  A step up will be added to one of the lanes for small cadets to be able to reach the overhead ladder.

Confidence Course Medium Hurdles

The other two events added to the Confidence Course were two Medium Hurdles.  These hurdles will be at a height of 48 inches and will require the cadets to climb up and over them.  Poles were set on these events at the beginning of last week and after settling the top poles were cut and attached as shown confidence coursein the photo.   One of the hurdles was added just after the Run, Jump and Swing and the other just prior to the Tough One.  As the course challenges the cadets upper body strength, these events will further tax their already tired bodies.  These two hurdles will also not be used until Plebe Training to allow them to settle further. These will mark the last events added to the Confidence Course.

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