Boy Scout Troop 22 News: Board of Review

Boy Scout News: Eagle Scout Board of Review

SgtMaj Poe

boy scoutEagle Scout candidates Zachary C. Garner, Nicholas J. Haag, John M. Hay, Andrew T. Hodge, Michael  J. Huang, Robert L. Pearson, Jacob D. Williams, and Logan W. Workman of MMA Boy Scout Troop 22 passed the Rio Grande Council Eagle Scout Board of Review the evening of Wednesday, May 23rd. This board of review is the final hurdle in earning the coveted title of Eagle Scout. Each of our candidates thoroughly impressed board members with their individual displays of leadership, poise, and self-confidence. They overcame tough screening questions with rapid and noteworthy clarity. Board members commented on how the candidates displayed a level of maturity beyond their years. A subsequent review with detailed questions regarding the leadership community service project required of each Boy Scout left the board members with NO DOUBT that ALL were eminently qualified for advancement into the Eagle ranks. They will receive the Eagle award on Friday, May 25th, at 10 AM, in Yeckel Memorial Hall aboard the MMA campus.

boy scoutBoy Scout Mother Surprises Son

Eagle Candidate Logan Workman’s mom surprised him by attending, then scooped him up and out for a steak dinner after he passed the board.

The Boy Scout review board went far into the evening. Upon conclusion, the boys posed for a group photo with board members. Then this hungry team was suitably rewarded with tasty celebratory pizza, cheezy-bread, and soda-pop. The best way to sum-up the event is with an extreme WELL DONE guys!

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