Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Fire Safety Part II

Boy Scouts Troop 22 Fire Safety Merit Badge: Part 2

SgtMaj Poe

boy scoutsOn Tuesday, April 3rd, Troop 22 Boy Scouts visited Fire Station-8 in continuation of the Fire Safety Merit Badge . Lieutenant Bill Adair, Fire-fighter Virgil Garcia, Driver T Sanchez, and Mr. Ramiro Carmona cheerfully devoted their time to the benefit of MMA Troop 22 and St. Albans Troop 206 Boy Scouts. They conducted an informative and professional classroom session where they expertly covered many fire related topics, such as human behavior/arson problems, seasonal fires & accident prevention tips, establishing a fire escape plan with a special emphasis on the home environment, the importance of practicing timely fire drills, smoke detectors, fire extinguisher use, fire safety awareness in public buildings, how to handle kitchen and grease pan fires, and safety procedures if one smells gas or smoke. Wow! Lots of valuable training going on here. But then, that’s in keeping with the Scouting philosophy of gaining worldly education and skills that will benefit the individual Scout and society for a lifetime.

 Boy Scouts Tour Fire Station

boy scoutsStation-8 crew then provided a detailed tour and inspection of the inner workings of a fire station, to include interior design and layout, facilities equipment, living quarters, and operating procedures. The Boy Scouts had an exciting time with the “hands-on” aspect of the event. They even found time to sympathize and give attention to the poor, neglected crash dummy! This was certainly an event to remember.

Next week our Boy Scouts will tour the Valley International Airport Fire Department where they will learn how the aviation fire-fighting equipment and procedures are quite different than that of more conventional fire-fighting.

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Other Boy Scouts News

Life Scout Andrew Hodge begins his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project this Saturday (April 7th). He plans to install a new flag pole for La Posada Provincia in San Benito. La Posada provides shelter and safe haven for those fleeing repression from other countries, and are seeking legal entry to the U.S. with the intend of eventually becoming citizens. Stay tuned for the follow-up story!

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