Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Fire Safety Part I

Marine Military Academy Boy Scouts Troop 22 Fire Safety Merit Badge

boy scoutsMMA Boy Scouts completed Part- 1 of the Fire Safety Merit Badge at the weekly meeting.  Harlingen Fire Department Battalion Chief Mr. Darrell Loftus authorized officers Lt. Eric Mayberry, Lt. Bill Adair, and fire-fighters Robert Jones and Juan Gonzalez the opportunity to treat our boys scouts to an exciting introductory assembly, along with follow-on instruction and training the next few weeks. This beginning session included classroom work followed by hands-on familiarization with the workings of a fire truck and associated fire-fighting and rescue equipment.


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boy scoutsLocal Boy Scouts Troop 206 (sponsored by St. Alban’s Church) was invited and joined MMA Boy Scouts in seeking the Fire Safety Merit Badge.

Photos show Boy Scouts practicing the techniques of stop, drop, roll, & cool in the event of clothing catching fire. They also learned about the most frequent causes of fire burn injuries, burn prevention, fire chemistry & physics, the importance of fire related vapors, and the products of combustion. The officers concluded the indoor segment with an important lesson covering proper home fire safety.

The boy scouts then assembled at the fire truck outside, where the officers expertly explained the many workings of a fire truck, to include hose connection and couplings, controls, jaws-of-life demonstration, oxygen equipment, individual fire-fighter protective gear, etc. This was a VERY interesting and instructional meeting to say the least! Our Scouts came-away with a new appreciation of fire safety and fire-fighting. We look forward to a fire station visit next week.

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