MMA Troop 22: Community Service

MMA Troop 22: Community Service

Saturday, Oct 26 – Troop 22 members put in a long day engaged in activities to support the local community.

First-up was preparing worn and tattered U.S. Flags for an upcoming community flag retirement ceremony scheduled aboard campus on Veteran’s Day, Nov 11th. MMA Cadet and Troop 22 member Robbie Walter is essentially in charge of the flag retirement event. He worked diligently with Troop 22 adult leader Mr. Steve Gerber and several boys in preparing the flags and supporting equipment. Cadet Walter will serve as a master of ceremonies and narrator during the event. He is very excited about being under the “spotlight” in this important role.

Later that afternoon, 10 Boy Scouts from Troop 22 selflessly volunteered to support First Baptist Church of Harlingen in their annual “Family Fiesta.” The  NO COST !!  for admissions and food is certainly the right price. It is designed as an open house introduction to community members at large to gather, and perhaps inspire them to join a church and seek to understand God’s great grace.

Our Scouts conducted several events designed for the smaller kids. They passed out abundant candy, conversed with parents, and impressed everyone with their polite, gentlemanly demeanor. Our boys left NO DOUBT that many guests departed with a new respect for Boy Scouts and MMA Cadets. GREAT great job guys!

The team was then suitably rewarded at the local Harlingen Pizzeria, where they consumed their fill to the point of “I can’t eat any more, sir!” Clearly, this is proof that it is almost, but not quite, an impossible endeavor to quench teenage boy hunger (at least for 10 minutes or so).

Troop 22 actively seeks donations or other assistance to maintain a quality program. Please contact the Scoutmaster, SgtMajor Jim Poe, at 956-423-6006×270 if you have questions about the Boy Scout program or seek to lend your support.

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