Troop 22: Cody Hubbard Eagle Scout Project

Troop 22: Cody Hubbard Eagle Scout Project

Saturday, Oct 26th – Life Scout and MMA Troop 22 member Cody Hubbard has begun his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project for Texas Parks and Wildlife. They have asked for his participation in the North American Bat House Research Project by building artificial habitat “bat houses” to support the creation of 3 separate bat communities (9 houses in all). Each community will involve one larger maternity house accompanied by 2 smaller bachelor houses. After construction, his team will attach each house on a 12 ft. pole (cement base) at various sites wilderness sites designated by TPWD management in the Rio Grande Valley.

It is now recognized that bats are an important natural resource. However, they have been unjustly maligned and destroyed due to human fear and ill-informed bias and misunderstanding of bats over many years. Bats provide tremendous insect control against pests such as mosquitoes and many other insects that cause farmers millions of dollars of crop damage every year. These are important considerations for the Rio Grande Valley.

You can learn more about bat houses at:

Unfortunately, bat populations are in severe decline. These bat houses will aid in repopulation of the species, provide insect control, and will help prevent bats from making habitation inside residential structures and buildings. Cody has a good jump-start, with a focus towards completion in the next few weeks.

Troop 22 actively seeks donations or other assistance to maintain a quality program. Please contact the Scoutmaster, SgtMajor Jim Poe, at 956-423-6006×270 if you have questions about the Boy Scout program or seek to lend your support.

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