Troop 22 NEWS: Fire Safety Merit Badge Pt – 3

Troop 22 NEWS: Fire Safety Merit Badge Pt – 3

MMA Boy Scouts were treated with a tour of Fire Station No. #8 in Harlingen, Texas. Leading our boys was Lieutenant William Adair of the Harlingen Fire Department, assisted by several other firefighters. Their professionalism shined through, as they provided an invaluable education to the Scouts. They were obviously delighted to share their expertise with the boys.

The boys received a detailed tour of the station and equipment. They were greatly impressed with the high complexity of modern day firefighting and the support gear, to include truck and vehicles. The firefighters expertly explained how and when the appropriate equipment is used to put-out fires and perform dangerous rescue tasks. It was also interesting to learn how a fire department is equipped and structured around the potential emergency needs of the size/population/structures of the city or township it supports.

A tour of the station also included the berthing, kitchen, and lounge areas used by the men when they are in stand-down mode, and awaiting “THE CALL.”

Starting-up the ladder truck and demonstrating its use was a very special, and unexpected treat! Several brave Scouts (Clay Rhodes, Spencer Pascal, Robbie Walter, and Matthew Wisely) excitedly climbed into the ladder bucket, while the rest of the troop then watched the ladder climb to its full extension of about 9 stories. Yes, they waved to the group way down below. This may just be more fun than the amusement park!

A curtain of darkness quickly descended, and we had to call it a wrap. Scouts greatly appreciated the time and professionalism shown them by the Harlingen Firefighters. It was an event worth remembering!

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