Marine Military Academy Boys Summer Camp

Boys Summer Camp

summer campBoys Summer camp should be exciting, but not a time to stop learning.  The boys summer camp activities at Marine Military Academy turn an ordinary summer into an extraordinary adventure. Everything at we do at our Boys Summer Camp is challenging as well as exciting. In a safe, morally strong and structured environment, and under the guidance of Marines and qualified athletic coaches, summer campers participate in extraordinary, adventure courses and activities designed to strengthen them mentally, physically and emotionally.

Summer campers at Marine Military Academy experience first-hand how important it is to participate in team activities and sports. Whether it is in sports or other areas of life, campers learn that all relationships are based upon mutual respect and trust.  You won’t find yourself doing art and crafts, sitting around a fire roasting marshmellows and singing songs, but you will be facing adventures you have only dreamed of or watched on YouTube.  Put yourself in the action this summer!

Boys Summer Camp Activities

Boys summer camp activites are varied and serve to develop the entire person.  Marine Military Academy utilizes the Leadership Enhancement And Development (LEAD) Complex to develop individual confidence, promote physical endurance and mental sharpness, provide intense, hands-on experiences that emphasize fast decision-making, enhance team-based problem-solving, and strengthen rapid and focused leadership techniques.  Afraid of heights?  You’ll conquer that fear in ways you never imagined!  Rapel down from a helicopter skid 30′ off the ground or cross a cable 25′ in the air.  Ride a 350′ zipline at 20 miles an hour!  Engage your fellow campers on our paintball course and check out the view from the top of the Stairway to Heaven.  This is one boys summer camp you will never forget!

The complex includes a rappelling and climbing tower, a high and low ropes course, a full-sized Marine Corps obstacle course and a speed march reaction course. The ropes course is a series of team problem-solving obstacles and high ropes events designed to increase the participant’s sense of personal confidence, increase mutual support within the group, and develop an increased level of agility and physical coordination. It is definitely a real confidence builder. Boxing “smokers” supervised by certified and licensed boxing instructors and medical personnel are a boys summer camp tradition at Marine Military Academy.

Boys Summer Camp Training

A young man soon discovers that the Marine Military Academy summer camp routine is anything but ordinary. In order to prepare him for the inevitable challenges in life, he will have a structured environment with opportunities to strengthen his physical and mental capabilities. Although the training can be exhausting when they have just completed a hike or the obstacle course, the campers gain confidence from completing a difficult, challenging task. They also learn the importance of teamwork.  All of this increases the physical and mental confidence each camper possesses at summer camp. The training is designed to prove that a young man’s reach should and can exceed his grasp!

At Marine Military Academy, campers will  push themselves harder than ever before, climb higher than ever before and form lifetime bonds with other eager young men. When it’s all said and done, they will have their own band of brothers. 

At the end of their summer, campers don’t just return home with memories that will last a lifetime, but with more confidence, willingness and ability to tackle what’s next. OOH RAH!

MMA Boys Summer Camp Photos

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MMA  Boys Summer Camp offers young men ages 12 to 18 (if not graduated from high school) from around the globe the opportunity to participate in a four-week boys summer camp adventure experience. They learn the principles of leadership, teamwork and self-discipline in a series of fun outdoor challenges led by the Marine Military Academy Marine staff.

Marine Military Academy Boy Summer Camp Dates: 30 June – 28 July 2012

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