Marine Corps Junior ROTC (MCJROTC)

Marine Corps Junior ROTC (MCJROTC)

Marine Corps Junior ROTC  (JROTC) cadets march to lunch The Marine Corps Junior ROTC  (MCJROTC or JROTC) program is one of the Marine Corps’s contributions to assisting America’s youth to become better citizens. Although excellent academic instruction and college preparation are Marine Military Academy’s objectives, it is the military structure and discipline that makes Cadets successful and sets MMA apart from other school environments.The program produces successful students and productive adults, while fostering a more constructive and disciplined learning environment.


Marine Corps JROTC untis are found all over the United States however, Marine Military Academy established one of the first JROTC in the nation.   The instilled discipline, goal orientation, and initiative of military leadership training are directed toward scholastic achievement.  The JROTC program has a standard curriculum that includes a variety of academic subjects in the following areas: Leadership, Citizenship, Personal Growth and Responsibility, Public Service, and Career Exploration.

Junior ROTC cadets run the obstacle courseThe Military department utilizes the LEAD Complex to develop individual confidence, promote physical endurance and mental sharpness, provide intense, hands-on learning experiences that emphasize fast decision-making, enhanced team-based, problem-solving capabilities, and strengthen fast and focused leadership techniques.

The complex includes a rappelling and climbing tower, a high challenge course, a full-sized Marine Corps obstacle course, a circuit course, confidence course and a Leadership Reaction Course. MMA also has a paint ball course and fitness facilities.

 JROTC Activites

Marine Corps Junior ROTC (MCJROTC) cadets on parade at MMA. The Military Department, in conjunction with the College Placement Office, affords every Cadet the ability to strengthen his college resume with quality of citizenship by allowing Cadets to participate in service-oriented organizations, such as HOSTS, Rotary Interact, National Honor Society, Key Club, and Boy Scouts.

In addition, the JROTC unit receives an annual inspection conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps and they participate in local activities and JROTC events.   These include parades, marksmanship competitions and drill team competitions.

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