Marine Military Academy Plebe Training

Marine Military Academy Plebe Training on Back 40

Maj Harold Compton

plebe trainingMarine Military Academy plebe training has certainly seized the days, evenings, and weekends by storm since their arrival just one week ago.  When first call sounds at 0555, it’s heads-up and outside for a few rounds of P.T. to get the kinks out, then on to 1st Mess, a hearty jog back to the Barracks, and Monday through Friday off to school for a full day of reading, writing and arithmetic. When the weekends roll around during Plebe Training, they are filled with Dress Blue uniform issues, close order drill practice, rifle wranglin’ in a full-scale state-of-the-art Rifle Range,  and the ever-so-loved Paint Ball wars, not to mention a huge heaping of cracking the books.  The other aspect of plebe training is their introduction to the infamous Back 40!  This past weekend the Back 40 adventures began with a hefty dose of the MMA Tower and their introduction to rappeling, zipline and low ropes.

 Plebe Training: Rappeling

plebe trainingDuring the plebe training introduction to rappeling, they were first given classes on the equipment they will be using; harness, helmet and gloves.  They were then given a safety brief followed by a demonstrations by Cadet Instructors on the procedures for rappeling.  These demonstrations were both rappeling down a flat wall and also off of a simulated helicopter skid.  Following the demonstrations all plebes are required to receive a demonstration of the proper braking while rappeling and conduct simulated rappels from our ground training station.   Once this is completed and plebes feel more confident about their ability to safely rappel, they are moved to the top of the tower to begin the fun!  Every plebe completed both rappels without any problems although there appeared to be some concern by a few.

Plebe Training: Zipline

The zipline is one of the most enjoyable, although initially scary events during plebe trainingPlebe training.  Plebes are hooked up to the zipline lanyard and the only thing required of them is to take a step off the edge of the  tower.  A look down will quickly remind them just how high up they are and nerves begin to kick in!  Happily all of them completed this portion of Plebe training without hesitation.  I can attest to the fact that once heading down the cable, all fears evaporated quickly and had  most enjoyable ride!


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