Plebe Training on the Back 40 Continues

Maj Harold Compton

Plebe Training Tackles the Obstacle Course

plebe trainingPlebe training continued Sunday morning with the plebes attacking the Obstacle Course and Confidence Course as the final portion of the plebe training on the LEAD Complex.  Plebe training is now reaching the midpoint and this past weekend was the most demanding physical trial of the training.  Plebes negotiate a series of obstacles which are a copy of the well known obstacle courses found on every Marine Corps base.  These obstacles are a series of low and medium hurdles, some combination bar events, an 8′ wall and finally a 24′ rope climb.  The course challenges the upper body strength and technique of the plebes but they all gave it their best effort.  Improvement will come with additional training!  Check out the photos on our Photo Gallery.


Plebe Training Tackles the Confidence Course

plebe trainingThe Plebe training continued with n the Confidence Course.  This course is a much tougher challenge for the upper body strength of the plebes as well as their endurance.  In addition this course has two events that challenge their fear of heights:  The Highway to Heaven and The Tough One.  The Highway to Heaven is a 24′ high giant ladder that the plebes must climb up one side, cross over and climb back down.  The Tough One is a high combination event that requires plebes to climb a cargo net to get on the top, cross over a series of logs, climb another cargo net to a height of 24′ and then descend down a rope.  Although there is some hesitation on some plebes faces, they all attacked and conquered the event!

Plebe Training Photos and Videos

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