Activities: Part IV, Drill Team and Color Guard

Marine Military Academy Drill Team and Color Guard

drill teamThe drill team and color guard are year-round acitivities at the Academy, coached by MSgt Fracasso, USMC (Ret). Both the drill team and color guard perform at all Cadet parades.  Additionally, the color guard appears at a wide variety of civic events throughout the school year.  Both units also complete in three to six military skills meets held during the year.

Drill Team

The drill team performs complex maneuvers of close order drill and exhibition drill with 10-pound M-14 rifles, all without the sound of commands.  The drill team is requested several times yearly to perform at local events.  The color guard displays the National and Academy colors and is also requested to present colors at numerous activities throughout the area.

 Joining the Drill Team and Color Guard

drill teamAll Cadets are welcome to try out for the drill team and color guard at the beginning of the fall semester and again at mid-term. Participants must show a reasonable amount of manuel dexterity, balance and concentration.  Practices are held on the campus every weekday during the afternoon activity period.  Cadets must be willing to undergo numerous hours of constant practice to acheive the level of skill required.

Check out photos of the Drill Team

To view photos of the Drill Team at an annual competition click here.

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