Activities: Part III Weightlifting

Marine Military Academy Weightlifting

weightliftingThose cadets that are not inclined to team sports or other activities but whose interested are more toward physical fitness may choose to sign up for the weightlifting activity.  The activity is currently run by GySgt Martinez and can handle approximately 50 cadets each day.  Each company is given a quota of the number of cadets that can take weightlifting due to the limits of the gym.  Preference is normally given to junior and seniors but underclassmen may take the activity if space is available.



 Weightlifting Gym

The weightlifting gym is located next to the baseball field and houses various stations throughout the entire gym.  These include free weights,  pullup bars, situp stations and universal exercise machines.  Cadets conduct weightlifting exercises in a planned sequence designed to maximize the workout.   It is a self paced program, but Cadets are expected to stay busy and are not allowed to simply waste their time while in the gym.  They are closely supervised to ensure they get the most out of the time allowed and they are using the equipment in a safe manner.   The normal schedule is Monday through Friday for about an hour, some days more time is allotted.  Instruction consists of the basics of weight lifting form and safety.  Cadets establish their own weight lifting program and in self-selected teams move around the “gym” lifting the desired weights and doing exercises to fulfill their goals.  Cadets routinely show marked improvement throughout the year long activity.  Cadets in our  summer camp program utilize the weightlifting gym almost daily beginning the second week of the camp.

  Weightlifting Photos

If you would like to see more of the photos of cadets using our weightlifting gym click here.

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