Marine Military Academy Technology Improvements

Technology in the Classroom

technologyThis year, a number of additions and improvements in the area of Information Technology have been completed to benefit cadet learning.  MMA boasts three computer labs in the Foreign Language department with a total of 55 computers available using the Tell Me More language program.   There are two computer labs in the General Services department for use in the Computer Science and Keyboarding classrooms.  These two labs have a total of 35 computers for cadet use.  The Keyboarding classroom also supports the Yearbook staff with additional programs and Internet access for yearbook publication. This summer, MMA completed the installation of six new computers in the Chemistry lab and five in the Physics labs.  The SAT Prep classroom has 15 computers for cadets to work on the online ACT and SAT programs to prepare them for taking the tests.

Lastly, the Academy added 5 video editing computers in its new Cinematography Arts class.  MMA feels strongly that graduates should have a strong background in technology to be successful in college as well as their careers.

Additional Technology Support for Cadets

technologyMarine Military Academy has a number of technology assets to assist cadets, including a College Placement Room with five computers for online college applications.   Cadets use these computers throughout the day under the supervision of the College Placement counselor.  MMA also has 47 computers in the library for cadets to do online research via the Internet. Of these computers, 35 also have Microsoft Office software for cadets to work on homework and projects.

Marine Military Academy recently installed 25 computers, five in every barrack study room, that have the same Internet access and Microsoft Office software as the library computers. This will allow cadets to work on projects and do their homework and research from the barracks.   The newest technology purchases include a Smartboard in the Physics classroom and the purchase of five document cameras with projectors for use in the English and Math Departments.  In addition to the barrack study rooms, cadets have access to six additional computers in the Cadet Activities Center during weekend liberty hours to check and answer e-mail.  All MMA-owned computers utilize  Internet  filtering.

 Future Technology Plans

Future technology support for cadets includes additional computers in the barrack study rooms, additional document cameras in the classrooms, the  upgrade and replacement of aging computers and, lastly, expansion and upgrade of the MMA network.  Technology changes fast, so it is imperative to provide cadets with the most current and up-to-date assets to better prepare them for college and their careers.

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