Rockclimbing Wall Update

Work Completed on New MMA Rockclimbing Wall

Maj Harold Compton

rockclimbingThe Marine Military Academy Rockclimbing Team completed their work on installing climbing holds on the new west wall today and got their first taste of climbing the wall.  All of the rockclimbing team members got a chance to try out a couple of the routes on the wall and found it to be not only a challenge but a lot of fun. The Rockclimbing Team has been working on the wall for the last three weeks and today’s climbing made all the work worthwhile.  Even our newest climbers had a good time on the wall and Cadet Wu amazed the team by making it to the top twice.  The only downside to climbing today was the intense heat from the sun.  This wall will definitely be more popular once the weather cools down some but for the time being it is a new challenge for the team.

Rockclimbing Team to Begin Setting Routes

rockclimbingThe next step in the work on the wall will be for the Rockclimbing Team to begin marking specific routes for climbing.  They normally set the most difficult routes they can so they are challenged each day to push themselves harder.  This wall uses a much greater number of extemely small holds so that the routes they set will be harder. Although the holds on this wall are smaller than those on the north wall, this wall has a 3 degree lean to it so climbers can actually rest their arms while on a route however, the smaller holds do make foot placement much more important.  This wall will have three climbing points spread across the face of the wall. The completion of this wall will allow for as many as six climbers to be on the two walls simultaneously.  During the next few weeks the rockclimbers will continue to add small holds to create more difficult routes.  There still remains a few areas that can accomodate holds so work will continue on for the next several weeks but, the wall is now ready for rockclimbers to attack!



Rockclimbing Team Prepares for Climbing Trip

rockclimbingThe MMA Rockclimbing Team is currently planning a climbing trip to Reimers Ranch County Park sometime in October.  The weather at this time is much too hot for a full day of climbing outdoors.  It is hoped that the weather will cool down soon so the team can get to put in practice what they have been doing each day on the MMA climbing wall.

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