Cyber Patriot Begins

Cyber Patriot Starts New Year

Mr. Bill Beckman

cyber patriotThis year the Marine Military Academy Cyber Patriot team will be doing things differently.  To begin with we are using text books “Computer Security Fundamentals”.  Computer Security Fundamentals, Second Edition is designed to be the ideal one-volume gateway into the entire field of computer security. This text brings together thoroughly updated coverage of all basic concepts, terminology, and issues, along with the practical skills essential to security.

Cyber Patriot Curriculum

Drawing on his extensive experience as both an IT professional and instructor, Chuck Easttom thoroughly covers core topics such as vulnerability assessment, virus attacks, buffer overflow, hacking, spyware, network defense, firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection Systems, and passwords. Unlike many other authors, however, he also fully addresses more specialized issues, including cyber terrorism, industrial espionage and encryption – including public/private key systems, digital signatures, and certificates.  Check out the full list of materials and goals for the Cyber Patriot Program on the Cyber Patriot Training Webpage.

cyber patriotAfter cadets complete the Cyber Patriot class successfully they will receive a certificate of completion for Computer Security Fundamentals which is the base line for IT security.  They will have a working knowledge of how networks work and what is needed to secure them.   Each cadet will have homework, and lab assignments that they must complete by themselves or with a group.  At the end of each chapter they are required to take and pass a test.  Lab assignments will be done in class in a controlled environment.  They will be using different type’s tools and hacker knowledge to crack and bring down servers.  First you need to think like a hacker to be able to defend better against a hacker.


Cyber Patriot Class

cyber patriotCyber Patriot is being taught by instructor and CyberPatriot coach Mr. William Beckman.  Mr. Beckman is Chief of Network Management at Marine Military Academy and has served in this capacity for the last 16 years.  His duties include security for the all campus computer systems. The maximum size of the class is 15 right now and the following cadets are in Computer Security Class:  Jose Rodriguez, Daniil Murashov, Dylan Che, Logan Workman, Drew Hopkins, Kyle Rogers, Luis Ortiz, Paul Olga, Rustan Shaykhutdinov, Obiajulu Ezenwabachili, Lorenzo Casso, Chace Andrea, Nathan Logan, and Daniel Lamont.

About Cyber Patriot

CyberPatriot is the premier national high school cyber defense competition that is designed to give hands on exposure to the foundations of cyber security. CyberPatriot is not a hacking competition. CyberPatriot’s goal is to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

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