Plebe Training, Part IV

Plebe Training at Marine Military Academy Near Completion

Maj Harold Compton

    Plebe Training Saturday

plebe trainingPlebe training reached the end of the third week with a full weekend of events.  Following a hearty breakfast, Saturday morning saw the plebes on the LEAD Complex to take on the Circuit Course and Low Ropes events.  SgtMaj Kinsley provided a briefing on the circuit course with cadet instructors providing demonstration of each event. The circuit course is composed of 14 exercise stations and a 1/3 mile track.  The course includes such exercises as pullups, dips, crunches, military press and curl, situps and several others.  Plebes will conduct each exercise for a designated period, normally 20-30 seconds and then quickly move to the next.  This continues until all exercises have been done and a lap is run.  After a cool down period of 5 minutes the plebes return to the course for a second session and another cool down lap.  The course really challenges the plebes and by the time the second session is completed you can see the look of exhaustion on their faces.plebe training

Following completion of the circuit course, plebe training moved onto the low ropes course.  Plebes would be taking on several of the low event this morning including, Island/Bridging, Criss Cross, Whale Watcher, the Wall, the Balance Beam and the Nitro Crossing.  Each of these events tests the plebes abilities in problem solving and fostering teamwork between members.  These are some of the more fun events even though there is a problem to solve.  Plebes demonstrated exceptional ability to solve each of the problems posed and had some fun in doing it.


plebe trainingPlebe training completed its Saturday routine on the LEAD Complex with the plebes taking on Pugil Sticks.  Pugil sticks pits one cadet against another in a mock fight using padded sticks.  Each plebe wears head, neck and groin protection and each bout is closely supervised by a trained staff member to ensure no plebe is injured. Saturday afternoon plebe training included preparation for Drill Evaluation to be held on Sunday and a chance to kick back and enjoy a movie at the Academy theater.  Following their evening meal the plebes were half finished with their last weekend of training and could enjoy a good nights rest.

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 Plebe Training Sunday

plebe trainingPlebe training kicked off Sunday morning with the Drill Evaluation held on the parking lot adjacent to Yeckel Auditorium.  Here each company would have its plebe execute a drill sequence being graded by the Commandant of Cadet, SgtMaj Kinsley.  This showed how well each plebe had mastered the skill of close order drill and the performance by all the companies rivaled that found by active duty military personnel.  Well done plebes!

Sunday afternoon saw the plebes back on the LEAD Complex for their last event here during their four weeks of training.  This would be their Back 40 games which consisted of the A-Frame Shuffle, Landing Pads, Tire Swing, Islands and Triangle Traverse .  The plebes were broken down into groups of about 15-16 each and after receiving a brief on each event began running the events.   Each group spent about 20 minutes at each station and then moved on to the next until all stations had been run.  All of these events are designed to require teamwork between the plebes to successfully complete them.  Each event provides them with a problem which they must figure out the solution to and execute.  Plebes demonstrated an exceptional ability to work together as a team to complete each event.

Be sure to check out all the photos of Sunday’s Plebe Training  0n the MMA Facebook page.

plebe training

Be sure to check back next Monday when plebe training officially comes to an end at their graduation parade and ceremony.

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