Intramural Sports Program

Intramural Sports Program at Marine Military Academy

intramural sports programThe Marine Military Academy’s Intramural Sports Program provides the cadet community with opportunities to compete and interact in a fair and safe recreational environment.  The Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of individual and team sport activities throughout the academic year.  Competition in the various sports is between companies with a champion in each sport.  Scheduling for some of the sports generally mirrors the season for each sport and concludes with a championship game, such as flag football finishing around the time of the Super Bowl.

Intramural Sports Program Goals

intramural sports programAdditionally, the MMA Intramural Sports Program is committed to providing opportunities to continue the developmental process of leadership by creating opportunities to officiate, supervise, keep score, and assist in the management of equipment.

Our ability to offer a diverse program affords cadets the opportunity to understand different sport cultures and styles of competition.  It is the hope of the Intramural staff and volunteers that the overall development of the cadets will assist in fostering their commitment to recreation and pave the way for a healthy lifestyle long after their time at MMA.

Activities in Marine Military Academy Intramural Sports Program intramural sports program

The specific sports that are included in our Intramural Sports Program include the following: Volleyball, Basketball, Dodge Ball, Flag Football, Soccer and Softball.  Check back later for results for each of the sports in the program and check out some of the pictures from previous seasons on the Marine Military Academy Facebook Page.

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