Marine Military Academy: Cadets in the News

Pascal brothers of Westfield receive prestigious Marine Military Academy awards

Published: Saturday, May 12, 2012, 8:41 AM
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Pix-0516PascalAward.jpgMaxwell Pascal
Pix-0516PascalAwardSpencer.jpgSpencer Pascal

Westfield residents Maxwell Pascal, age 15 and Spencer Pascal, age 16, were expected to start their freshman and sophomore years, respectively, at Westfield High School last September.

After attending the Marine Military Academy four-week summer program, life took an interesting twist.

As students, both Maxwell and Spencer struggled with academics, homework and the like.

So while Maxwell and Spencer were training in summer boot camp, their mother, Sherryl Pascal, Ms. North America Globe, diligently worked on the enrollment process for attending high school at the Marine Military Academy in Texas.

In a few short weeks of school at Marine Military Academy, both boys moved up the military ranks.

By April, Maxwell became Corporal, and Alpha Co. squad leader and named Cadet of the Month. He is active in community service, the band, Jr. ROTC and is highly decorated for his numerous accomplishments. One of the great honors at the Marine Academy, is to receive Cadet of the Month. The cadets who receive this esteemed award are nominated by their drill instructor for their exemplary attitude, conduct, academic performance and involvement at the academy.

After several weeks at the military academy, Spencer also moved up the military ranks, becoming a Lance Corporal. He is in community band and Jr. ROTC and highly decorated for numerous accomplishments. Spencer joined the Airwing program and is now flying Cessna airplanes. He will be a licensed pilot this August with the over 35 hours of air time he has accomplished. In recognition of outstanding mentorship of his fellow cadets in the Marine Military Academy Airwing program, Spencer was awarded for his mentorship.

To say we are proud of our sons is an understatement of the feeling.

In a mother’s opinion, Marine Military Academy is by far the finest education a parent can bless their son with.

Marine Military Academy is dedicated to developing disciplined, morally strong, college-ready young men who are prepared for responsible leadership.

Ninety-seven percent of Marine Military Academy graduates attend leading colleges, universities and military academics.

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