LEAD Complex: Part V, Ropes Course

LEAD Complex Ropes Course

Maj Harold Compton

Ropes Course Operation

The Marine Military Academy Ropes Course was begun in 2000 with the construction of the firstropes course series of high elements.  Work on this section of the course was completed in time for use during Summer Camp 2000.  The second high element section and the low element were constructed the following year in time for Summer Camp 2001.  The ropes course is a series of 23 low and high events testing strength, stamina, teamwork and helping overcome fear of heights.  High elements are an individual test for each participant while most of the low elements are team eventsrequiring the participants to overcome some problem while working as a team.  To supplement the ropes course a series of ground elements were also constructed that are all team oriented.  These include the Tank Walk, A-Frame  Shuffle,  Landing Pads and the most popular of all events, the 350 foot long zipline.  These events are used during the Summer Camp Crucible each year.

The ropes course is run under the supervision of certified Academy instructors that have completed
the Boy Scout COPE (Challenging Opportunities for Personal Experience) course.

ropes course   The ropes course contains an element that challenges most participant’s fear of heights more than any other; the infamous Power Pole.  This event requires that the participant climb a 20 foot telephone pole and then stand up on the top  of it with only a safely line attached to their harness.  They must then dive out and attempt to touch a rubber buoy suspended at eye level, 9 feet in front of them.   Success on this event places them in an elite category and is something they will never forget!

To learn more about the value of ropes courses read Michael Hyatt’s article “What I Learned About Leadership from a Low Ropes Course”   In the article he lists 7 take-aways from the experience that you might find interesting.

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