LEAD Complex: Part VI, Circuit Course

LEAD Complex Circuit Course

Maj Harold Compton

Circuit Course Layout and Operation

The Circuit Course is composed of  14 exercise stations arranged in an elliptical shape around a central instructorscircuit course
table.  The entire course measures approximately 100 feet long by 50 feet wide.  The stations include Bends and Thrusts, Step Ups, Leg Lifts, Back Extension, Crunches, Dips, Pullups, Side Straddle Hops, Military Press, Pushups, Military Curls, Flutter Kicks, Situps and Hanging Leg Lifts.  Participants start with a group on each station and upon a whistle blow by the instructor will conduct the exercise fora  specific period of time (20-30 seconds) until a second whistle is blown.  At this time they will quickly move to the next station and await the whistle to begin the next exercise.  This will repeat until they have completed the entire circuit course.  They will then form up on the road and run one lap.  Participants are then given a short rest to drink water and recover.  They will then get back on the circuit course and repeat the process a second time.

Although the above description may sound difficult and not what would be considered fun, the circuit course is one of the highest rated courses by Summer Campers!

circuit course  The Circuit Course provides all cadets an intensive physical workout the works all areas of the body in a very short time.  Cadets and summer campers show rapid improvement in a very short time when using the course regularly.



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