Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Journalism Merit Badge

Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Journalism Merit Badge

boy scoutsMs. Andi Atkinson has taken charge of Boy Scouts Troop 22 by generously volunteering her time for the next few weeks in leading our boys to completion of the Journalism Merit Badge. Ms. Atkinson serves MMA as the Director of Marketing & Public Relations. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Masters in Business Administration. In addition to giving her time to Troop 22, she also volunteers with her church, the Harlingen Jaycees, the Harlingen Amigas Lions Club, and KMBH public television and radio. She is a busy lady indeed, and we are most fortunate she is willing to share her expertise and experience with our Scouts. From the opening moments of her presentation, it was obvious she is a gifted instructor with impressive oratory skills. She is well-versed in the topic, and maintained the complete attention of our boys due to her experienced background and effective teaching techniques. She transformed a potentially dry topic into one of high interest. Boy Scouts Troop 22  THANK !! Ms. Atkinson, and look forward to upcoming meetings leading to the merit badge completion.

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boy scoutsboy scouts campout is scheduled for this upcoming weekend on a pristine slice of local wilderness property owned by Mr. Allen Aleshire, MMA’s Director of Social Media. Mr. Aleshire has proven a valuable supporter of our Boy Scout program since joining MMA. The boys look forward to earning the Totin’ Chip (cutting skills) and the Firem’n Chit (fire safety skills) certifications along with rank advancement and merit badge work. The campout will be enhanced by greeeeeat ! food and campfire camaraderie.



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