Activities: Paintball

Marine Military Academy Paintball

paintballOne of the more enjoyable activities Marine Military Academy cadets and summer campers participate in is paintball. MMA has its own paintball course, guns and recharging capability. It also has over 40 paintball guns and all associated protective gear to ensure the safety of participants.  The course features numerous ditches, craters, cement pipes, wooden barricades and a two-story house.

The course is run under close supervision of MMA staff and is not available for cadet use without staff supervision. The course is located on the north side of the campus within easy walking distance from the barracks. 

                                     Paintball Competitions

paintballSummer campers are scheduled to participate in paintball competitions several times during their four-week program.  Campers are divided into teams, with each team placed at the two ends of the course. Each team must attempt to defeat all membes of the opposing team in the time allotted. Any player hit on any part of the body is considered out of the competition and leaves the course. 

Staff members ensure that any member hit leaves the course by raising their arms above their head and walks off the course.  Safety of all participants is the highest priority at all times when running the course. Paintball is routinely rated as one of the top events by summer campers.

 Paintball During School Year

PaintballIn addition to summer camp paintball, cadets are introduced to this activity during their Plebe Orientation and are allowed to have their own paintball guns and equipment. All personal paintball equipment is required to be held by the Drill  Instructors and can be checked out when the course is run.  Cadets may request to have the course run on weekends through the MMA staff member that oversees the course operation. Cadets are not allowed to run the course without staff supervision.


Paintball Photos

Check out some of the many Paintball Photos from our Summer Camp action!

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