A Dictionary of Military Terms

Iwo Jima Memorial Harlingen, TX

Say What??: A basic dictionary for military boarding school parents   Just like any career field, the military has its own jargon – and it’s quite extensive! If your child is attending a military boarding school, he or she will definitely learn to speak a new language. Even if it sounds like English, you might be thrown for a loop the first time your child comes home and starts to speak to you. If you’d like to know what “wall locker,” “pogey bait” or “PT” mean, refer to this basic military dictionary courtesy of Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas, and learn some common military words and terms. MIILTARY WORD … Continue reading

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Military time made easy

a 24-hour clock

What time is it?  Military time made easy   Unless you work in an international industry, such as a global airline, most Americans never fully grasp military time. After all, “zero, two-hundred” (0200), “fourteen-thirty” (1430) and “twenty-three hundred” (2300) all sound more like money instead of time, right? Military time is based on a 24-hour clock, which is why the numbers on the clock go from 00 to 23. The United States, however, uses the 12-hour clock, which is why the numbers do not go past 12, and the “a.m.” and “p.m.” must be used. While most Americans may not need to learn military time, it is actually quite useful … Continue reading

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Leadership Quotes for Growth

Major General Lukeman

Brain Food for Leaders: MajGen James Lukeman gives young leaders quotes for growth Leadership is NOT a position, according to MajGen James Lukeman, Commanding General of Training and Education Command for the Marine Corps. “Leadership is what you do and how you act,” he said. “Leaders have the right habits of daily activity.” When MajGen Lukeman presented to the Marine Military Academy cadets, he explained to them that leadership is built on smart habits, honor and action — practiced daily. “Live life every day the right way. When things get tough, character carries you through it,” he said. MajGen Lukeman also left the young leaders with eight powerful quotes to … Continue reading

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Grit – A Key to Success


Got Grit? Military Boarding Schools Teach the Key to Success Though the entire purpose of education is to help people live fuller lives and enjoy more opportunities, most schools are failing to teach students something more fundamental than English, algebra or chemistry. They are failing to teach “grit.” According to Webster dictionary, grit is “firmness of mind or spirit” or “unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.” School is most likely where young people will develop their scale of grit. For instance, a student who is overwhelmed by a course such as algebra may just stop trying and fail the subject. Another student, however, may start to attend tutoring … Continue reading

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