Why 8th Grade Matters

An 8th grade student

As adolescents begin their transition into adulthood, their academic performance and attitudes can have a profound impact on their future.  The 8th grade, in fact, is a crucial year for most students. According to a research report by ACT, students who are not on track for college and career readiness by 8th grade are unlikely to attain that level of readiness by high school graduation. Four Reasons Why the 8th Grade Matters    1) Harder Coursework The coursework is getting harder, and students are often asked to apply multiple subjects into a single project. Schoolwork is now a more significant part of life, and 8th graders must start putting forth … Continue reading

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The Value of Attending Military School Infographic

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Letting Go: 7 Coping Tips When Your Child Is Away at Boarding School

parent hugs son at boarding school registration day

Parents can expect to feel some degree of separation anxiety when their child is away at boarding school, especially in the beginning. Even if there are other siblings in the house, it is perfectly natural to miss the son or daughter that you have spent many years caring for. At some point, all parents have to learn to let go; fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that hard. Seven Tips To Help You Cope When Your Child Is Away At Boarding School:   1. Keep Busy: Nothing will take your mind off your child’s absence better than keeping busy. It’s extremely hard for the human mind to focus on two … Continue reading

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Why International Students Should Attend an American Boarding School

US Boarding School

If you live outside the United States, sending your teenager to an American boarding school is perhaps the greatest gift you could ever give to them. The education and experience your teenager receives can have  significant career and lifetime advantages. International students studying in the United States enhance their English skills, find it easier to enter U.S. universities and have improved career prospects.  These are excellent reasons why you should seriously consider an American boarding school for your teenager. Read on to learn more about what an international student gains when they study at an American boarding school.  Three Reasons to Select an American Boarding School 1. Mastery of English Language Students become fluent … Continue reading

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