Four Reasons To Choose a Military School Education


Many people have misconceptions concerning military boarding schools.  Common perception being military boarding schools are only for juvenile delinquents who cause trouble and corporal punishment is a part of the discipline regimen.  In fact, the guiding philosophy of most military schools is to … Continue reading

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Flight Training Instructor Mitri Garib – The Man Who Trains Future Pilots

Mitri Garib is the flight training instructor at Marine Military Academy in Harlingen. The South Texas native started flying in 1991 and received his pilot certification in 1994 from Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Tulsa, Okla. Mr. Garib … Continue reading

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Chosin Few Memorial Gate

The Chosin Few Memorial Gate

It’s Not Misspelled!: MMA’s Chosin Few Gate Is Dedicated to the Forgotten War At the southern entrance of the Marine Military Academy (MMA) campus in Harlingen, Texas, is a gate named “Chosin Few Memorial Gate.” If you noticed Chosin was … Continue reading

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Understand Early College Admission Programs

College Room

What is Early College Admission? Early college admission allows high school seniors to apply and receive an acceptance letter before the regular admission deadline.  Application deadlines for early admission programs are at the beginning of  October and   admission decisions are … Continue reading

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