Become a Pilot: There’s Never Been a Better Time

If you would like a promising career in the travel industry, your future is literally up in the air. Pilots are in high demand …. and the demand is expected to increase over the next 10 years. Besides the breathtaking “office” view, below are just a few good reasons for you to seriously consider the pilot profession. A Few Good Reason to Become a Pilot FREE Travel Getting paid to fly to a different city, state and even country is a cool job perk! Even if you only have a couple of hours to visit a city during a layover, you can still try the local cuisine, meet new people … Continue reading

How To Become A Pilot: Pilot Training Routes

Engineering or physics does not have to be your first love, but it’s best to have a mid-to-high comfort level with math and science before considering the pilot profession. Also, many companies — particularly the larger, higher paying ones — prefer to hire pilots with bachelor’s degrees. With all this in mind, here a few ways to enter pilot training to become a commercial pilot. Pilot Training Possibilities Traditional Routes Becoming a pilot is like any other professional job: You must invest in your education. To earn your wings, you should attend a two or four-year college that offers an aviation program. If you already have a degree or if … Continue reading

Boarding Schools in Texas: An Interactive Map

A map of Texas boarding schools

Boarding Schools in Texas: An Interactive Map Are you looking for a Texas boarding school? There are at least eight well-known, college-prep boarding schools in Texas for you to consider. Each one offers a small learning community and teaches the core subjects students need to master for college. Each one, however, is unique in its offerings. Some of the boarding schools are founded on religious principles while some are rooted in military tradition. Most of the boarding schools are co-ed, but a few of them are single-gender and only accept boys or girls. By deciding what is right for your child, you can easily whittle down your boarding school choices. … Continue reading

Four $mart Ways to Reduce College Costs

Whether you have put away a little or a lot, Marine Military Academy is offering you four smart ways to reduce the cost of your son or daughter’s college education. After all, a bachelor’s degree from a state university now totals about $19,000 a year when you factor in tuition, fees, books and room and board — and costs usually inch up each year! Investing in your child’s future won’t be cheap, but below are four strategies to help you $ave on your child’s college education. Four $mart Ways to Reduce College Costs   1. College credit tests If your high school student has successfully completed an Advanced Placement course, … Continue reading