4 Reasons Why an SAT or ACT Prep Camp Makes $en$e

SAT Prep Camp

Some parents are skeptical about the value of SAT or ACT prep camp or course. Does my son or daughter really need it? Is it worth the price? These are legitimate questions, so perhaps the best way to answer these questions is to consider the facts. More students are attending college than ever before. While this is a positive trend, it has also created a lot of stiff competition. It is no longer good enough to be “smart.” With so many qualified applicants, high school students who wish to attend a highly competitive college need to do more than rank in the top 15 percent or maintain a 3.5 GPA to … Continue reading

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Choose military camp, not fat camp!

climbing wall at summer camp

Would you like your teen to lose weight? Choose military camp, not fat camp! Today’s children are more likely to die at a younger age than their parents due to obesity and the health issues that tag along with it, such as diabetes and heart disease. Childhood obesity is a real problem, and it is still on the rise. Though the United States has a reputation for having too many overweight kids, the epidemic is now widespread in many other countries, such as Greece, Mexico and China. For good reason, more parents are sending their teens and pre-teens to summer weight-loss camps, or “fat camps.” If you are a parent … Continue reading

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5 Life Lessons You Learn in Military School

Military School Student in the Chemistry Lab

The 5 Life Lessons You Learn in Military School Military schools have an advantage over traditional boarding schools or private day schools because their comprehensive educational method teaches students the mental skills they need to succeed not just in school but in life. In fact, the life lessons learned in military school will take you much further in life than a college degree alone. Below are five of the great life lessons you learn in military school. “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” – Lao Tzu    Respect is earned. Military school students are taught to address adults and individuals in positions … Continue reading

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Teens, have them “unplug” from technology

military school cadets studying together

At Marine Military Academy, we do our students a great favor:  We help them “unplug.” At MMA, cadets are only allowed to use their cell phones and tablets on the weekends. Likewise, they can only play video games or watch television on the weekends. While they may certainly use computers and the Internet on weekdays for homework purposes, their rooms are computer free. I can imagine what you’re thinking: OMG! That’s crazy! How do those boys live without technology? The answer is: Quite easily. A person can actually live without a cell phone or a television set or any other electronic gadget for five straight days. He simply needs to … Continue reading

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