Classes Resume Following Thanksgiving Break

Cadets Return to MMA as Classes Resume for Fall Semester

classes resumeClasses resume at Marine Military Academy after a week long break for Thanksgiving.  Since all cadets are boarding students and many travel long distances from home the Academy closes down for the entire week to allow cadets an opportunity to spend some quality time with family.  As classes resume cadets  are beginning the final push for the fall semester and will finish just prior to Christmas.  The time is short before semester exams will begin so cadets are putting maximum effort into their studies over the next four weeks.  Monday morning saw cadets back on parade for morning colors before heading to their first classes and the sharpness of their formation demonstrated that the time away did not detract from their performance.  It was indeed gratifying to see them looking crisp and smart during colors and is an indication of their determination to make the next three weeks rewarding.

As Classes Resume Cadets Find Changes

classes resumeAs cadets returned to the Academy many of them immediately notices changes on the Academy grounds.  The most notable was the new roof being put on the Headquarters building.  They also may not have noticed it but will benefit from the installation of the new chiller during the break.  New paint was also noticeable in many locations from barracks to classrooms and the overall grounds were immaculate thanks to the efforts of the Facilities Department.  All of these changes were secondary to the preparation of the faculty for the final academic push this semester.  As classes resume, teachers had spent many hours preparing their courses for the last weeks of the semester and are looking forward to seeing their cadets face the final challenge this semester.  Hopes are high as the grades prior to Thanksgiving Break indicated that overall the cadets have shown great progress this semester.  Exams will begin in three short weeks and  most cadets are focusing on those exams and pushing their grade point averages even higher.

As Classes Resume Cadets Provide Their Thoughts

As classes resume at the Academy some of our cadets  have provided their comments about what they did during the Thanksgiving break and what they expect to accomplish over the next four weeks leading up to Christmas break.

    Cadet Kyle Rogers

classes resumeDuring the Thanksgiving break I spent a lot of time visiting my friends. working on college applications and spending time with my family.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to help my friend finish his Eagle Scout project.  I miss my family and friends very much and am looking forward to the winter break.

With only four weeks left until the end of the semester I would like to achieve a grade point average of 3.75 or higher.  I am very close but need to increase my grades in some of my classes.  I would also like to send out all of my college applications.



    Cadet Stevan Banker

classes resumeThis Thanksgiving was different than past Thanksgiving in my life.  A main reason why it was different was because I flew into Houston not knowing what was planned.  My past Thanksgivings I knew what we were planning to do.  I spent most of the week at my grandparent’s ranch in Chapel Hill.  I don’t get to see them much so I spent the majority of my time with them.  By the end of the week I was in Fort Worth with my family.  We spent the weekend with my Uncle Leo and cousins.  We all went to The Stockyards for a real good time.  At the end of the break I Thanked God for my amazing family and for everything they have done for me.

In the last four weeks of this semester I plan to raise my pre-calculus grade and show my parents that I am trying.  No just my parents but also my Drill Instructor that I am not giving up and will continue to strive for a better grade.  I plan to get stronger physically and mentally in the military aspects.  If I put my mind to it and with God’s help I can do anything.

    Cadet Canyon Sanford

classes resumeDuring Thanksgiving break I devoted the majority of my time to my family.  I saw movies like “Skyfall” and “Red Dawn” with my parents and brother and enjoyed spending time with my newly married sister and brother-in-law.  I spent the last few days hunting with my father and my brother so our family celebrated Thanksgiving a day early.  As always, it was delicious and we even brought turkey sandwiches to the deer lease.  My brother Dalton bagged a nice mature doe and we spent the last few days all together as a family.

My goal during the last four weeks this semester is to raise my semester grade point average higher than last semester and achieve a grade point average of 3.75 or higher.  I  plan to study more intensively and direct my time on academics rather than any distractions keeping me from my goal.

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