Facilities Work Continues

Facilities Work Fast Paced During Thanksgiving Break

facilities workFacilities work during Thanksgiving break is an ideal time for catching up on many necessary jobs that cannot be tackled while classes are in session and for taking on major projects without interferring with school.  This year is no exception as the Facilities Department is working full time on various projects. Painting in classrooms, repairs to barracks rooms and numerous groundskeeping tasks are all part of the normal small projects when cadets are gone and this year is no exception.  This year there are two major project that are being tackled during the break from classes.

Facilities Work Includes New Chiller

In addition to the normal housekeeping chores this year the Facilities Department first major project was the removal of one of the old chillers and installation of a new one.  This was no small task as the chillers exceed sixteen thousand pounds facilities workeach and had to be moved from a flat bed trailer into the chiller plant.  The first step in this process was the disconnecting of all electrical and water hookups to the old chiller.  The old chiller was next lifted onto rollers to slide out of the building where the crane could lift it out of the way.  Once the area was cleared all electrical hookup for the new chiller were installed and the new chiller was lifted off of the flat bed trailer.  Once the trailer was cleared the crane lifted the old chiller onto the trailer to move to the Facilities Shop until it could be removed.  Work then began on moving the new chiller into place and getting all the numerous water and electrical connections hooked up.  The new chiller will be online before cadets return to classes next week so there will be no interruption in cooling to all the buildings.  Facilities work included all the electrical work on the chiller hookups which was handled by All Electric, owned by MMA Alumni, Mr. Harold Zurlo!

Facilities Work On Headquarters Building

facilties workThe next major Facilites work project begun during the break is replacement of the roofing on the MMA Headquarters Building.  This work is to repair and replace damage from Hurricane Dolly that has yet to be completed.  Work began this week and should be finished within the next couple of weeks.  Facilities work also includes replacement of poles on the LEAD Complex that are used for our Rope Bridging event.  All belay cables on the High Ropes course are also slated for replacement in the spring and all necessary hardware and cable are already on hand for this project.  Work will be completed on these events in time for cadets to try them out before departure for the summer.

Facilities Work on Confidence Course Continues

facilities workMr. Jose “Chester” Diaz has been continuing the facilities work on completion of the overhead ladder for the Confidence Course.  He is now at the stage where the main supports have been fabricated and he is installing the numerous rungs on the ladders.  Work should be completed this week and the installation of the ladder to the support poles will be accomplished next week.  This job has tested Chester’s welding talents and he has been up to the challenge in producing an outstanding piece of equipment that the cadets will use for many years.


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