Boy Scouts News: Life Scout

Boy Scouts News: Cadet Rhodes Advances to Life Scout

SgtMaj Jim Poe

boy scoutsMMA Cadet and Boy Scout Clayton Rhodes faced a challenging board of review and was successfully deemed worthy of advancement to the rank of Life Scout. This is a step just below the coveted Eagle Scout rank that young Clayton is pursuing with aggression.

Boy Scouts Leaders Pass Cadet Rhodes to Life Scout

Board members SgtMajor Dave Miller and Mr. Steve Gerber, both Boy Scouts Troop 22 adult leaders, conducted a thorough examination and determined Clayton Rhodes to be Life Scout qualified. They can be seen congratulating young Rhodes for his laudable achievement.

boy scoutsClayton Rhodes joined MMA Boy Scouts Troop 22 this Fall. He’s rapidly proven himself both a serious Scout and Cadet leader around campus. His positive attitude and willingness to assist others sets a fine example. He’s now in the planning stages to identify and execute an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project. The project must serve a worthy community group. It is an adult level test of leadership and responsibility, and stands as one of the final goals in attaining Eagle Scout.

Troop 22 actively seeks donations or other assistance to maintain a quality program. Please contact the Scoutmaster, SgtMajor Jim Poe, at 956-423-6006×270 if you have questions about the Boy Scouts program or seek to lend your support.

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