Why Choose a Military School Option for Your Son?

military school optionFirst semester mid-term grades for high school students are either already out or will be coming out soon.  If your son is struggling with grades and you are considering a military school option for him, you may want to check out Marine Military Academy.  A military school option may not be the right choice for your son however, you should look into all the advantages of one.  The following articles have appeared here over the last several months and may assist  you in making the decision and provide the information necessary to decide if a military school option is right for you and if Marine Military Academy is what you are looking for.

 Military School Option Articles

Helping Your Son’s Academic Success – This article provides information on all the support, both in the classroom and from outside sources to ensure the academic success of our cadets.

The Ultimate and Somewhat Unknown Advantages of Military Schools – This article was written by a guest writer, Mr. John Ryker who runs a website,  www.militaryacademies.org .  This article covers may advantages of a military school option that may not be  well known.

Military Schools – They’re Not Just for Adolescents Anymore – This is another article by Mr. John Ryker about military schools.

Marine Military Academy: A Newer, Better Military Academy – This article explains how MMA is not what our fathers knew as a military school but is a college preparatory school.

Marine Military Academy: Son With Poor Grades? – This is another article that helps to explain how MMA can help a young man with poor grades.

Advantages Offered by Military Schools – This is a short article with a link to to an article on ehow.com that explains many of the advantages of attending a military school.

10 Facts about Military Schools – This is an article that appeared on About.com and provide information about military schools.

A Military School Primer for Parents – An outstanding article about military schools by by Kristin Dooley of Estrella Consulting, an educational consulting firm that works with students & parents to find the best educational fit.

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We hope that the above articles will assist you in making your decision and invite you to check out the Marine Military Academy website for more information.

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