Confidence Course Upgrades

New Events Being Added to MMA Confidence Course

Maj Harold Compton

The Marine Military Academy Confidence Course has been undergoing upgrades over the last weeks as work on three new events progresses.  The MMA  Rockclimbing Team has been assisting in the work during the afternoon activities period and is  nearing completion on a new Overhead Ladder and two additional High Hurdles.

Confidence Course Overhead Ladder

confidence courseWork on the Overhead Ladder required the installation of 9 poles to a depth of 4 feet. The Overhead Ladder will provide for two lanes, each 20 feet long and will begin at a height of 8 feet and angle upwards to 10 feet in the middle and then angle back down to 8 feet at the end. Once the poles are all set they must be allowed to settle for at least a month before they will be cut to the proper height and the ladder can be installed on top of the poles. The Overhead Ladder will be the final event on the Confidence Course. The ladder will fabricated by the MMA Facilities Department and is constructed using 2 inch main beams with 1 1/2 inch rungs.

Confidence Course High Hurdles

confidence courseThe Confidence Course will also have two additional High Hurdles installed.  These are constructed from 16 foot long, 8 inch poles and will be set at a height of 4 feet.  The support poles are also set 4 feet deep and must also be allowed to settle for a month.

The addition of the Overhead Ladder and High Hurdles will bring the total number of events on the Confidence Course to sixteen and will certainly challenge the cadets as they run the course.  As will most of the events on the course, these will also test the upper body strength of all that run it!

We fully expect to have the new events ready for cadets to test out prior to the end of this semester and will be sure to do a follow-up articles when they try them out for the first time.

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