Cinematography Arts / Photography Classes

Cinematography Arts / Photography Arts Classes at Marine Military Academy

artsMarine Military Academy continues to integrate new and exciting classes that fill a need for arts electives. Last year, Cinematography Arts was introduced. This class was taught using project-based learning. The class was divided into teams of two or three cadets with nicknames like “The Leathernecks.”

As cadets learned to operate camcorders, lighting, software, and sound equipment, they demonstrated skill and comprehension by producing videos for Facebook. Their videos were graded based on the lesson objectives for that week. Cadets enjoyed this new style of teaching as well as the opportunity to express their creative talents through the videos.

For one of the projects, a team of cadets produced a public service announcement on driving drunk and the consequences as a result. You might enjoy viewing their video.

Cinematography Arts Productions

Throughout the year, cadets in the Cinematography Arts class produced weekly shows that integrated each of the other team’s video productions. By the end of the year, one of the teams, “The Brown Bears,” wanted to produce a video about their experience and what they learned in the Cinematography Arts class.

You can view the Cinematography Arts Video on Facebook.

Photography Arts Added to Curriculum

artsThis year, Photography Art was introduced with the same project-based learning integrated. Cadets learn the art and science of producing technical and aesthetic photography.   Cadets in this class also produce work that you can see on the MMA Facebook site. Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill recognized the creative effort of one of the teams by recommending their work be used in the marketing efforts for the school.

Photography Arts Work on Facebook

Some of the Photography Arts class work has already been placed on our Facebook Photos Page for your viewing.

Allen D. Aleshire is the instructor for both classes. He is also the Director of Social Media and coordinates and maintains MMA’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter account. Aleshire said, “I enjoy the class as much as the cadets. It is such a rewarding experience to see how each cadet is able to utilize these tools to express their creative talents. The art of visual storytelling is an incredible skill that will stick with each of these cadets for their entire lives.”

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