Son With Poor Grades?

Do You Have a Son with Poor Grades?

Maj. Harold Compton

poor gradesDo you have a son that is getting poor grades in high school?  Have you noticed a drop in your teenage son’s overall performance in school?  Did he demonstrate at an earlier age that he was bright and did well in school?  Are you at a loss as to why he is now struggling and getting poor grades in school?

If you answered yes to the above questions don’t feel alone and don’t panic.  You are a member of one of the largest groups of people in this country: parents with a teenage son getting poor grades.  I myself went down this same path  (I was the son!) and can tell you from personal experience it is not only stressful for the parent but for the son as well.  I can also tell you that no amount of scolding, threatening or taking away privileges will turn him around.

Reason Behind Poor Grades

The reasons for poor grades may be as simple as poor time management or lack of organization. However the reasons may also be more complex. They may be undergoing stress from other things at school, sports, losing a good friend, trouble with a girlfried or worrying about their family.

Think about all the problems and worries that we as adults have to contend with every day, work, home, children, bills, etc. While we may feel that a student’s life may is much easier, in their minds it is no less cluttered with real world turmoil. A teenage boy’s life can be just as stressful and complicated as an adult’s. The reasons why a student may suddenly experience poor grades are as individual as the student.  Telling your son that his problems are silly or don’t really matter in the big picture will do no good.  Perception is reality to him and although the cause behind his poor grades may seem rediculous, to him it is important!

While the problem and the solution to the student’s poor grades may be as simple as helping them with their work and getting them organized with new folders and a binder, other students may be facing obstacles that parents and teachers are unaware of and cannot address.

  How Marine Military Academy Can Help with Poor Grades

At Marine Military Academy our first goal with students that are experiencing poor grades is to try to determine what the underlying cause may be.  Although the standard answer from the student may be “the teacher doesn’t like me or I just don’t understand this subject” it is important to talk with them at all levels from teachers, coaches and drill instructor to determine if there is some other cause.  Many times if these discussions are more informal the student may open up and admit that there is some other problem that has been bothering them and may be the root cause for poor grades.

poor gradesOne of the more common causes for poor grades is that the student has reached the point where classes are much more difficult (ie: high school math and science) and they do not see a purpose in what they are studying.  Many of these students have no long term goals other than finishing high school and possibly going on to college but they do not see the link between their current task and their goal.  Part of this is caused by the fact that young men may have a goal but have never identified those tasks necessary to reach that goal.  As I have heard said before, “a goal without understanding how to reach it is just a wish”.  Our teachers, counselors and drill instructors try to make students understand that having a goal is a worthy thing but it must include an understanding of what is required to reach it.  You may want to earn a million dollars but if you lack a clear cut set of steps that are required to reach that goal you are are only dreaming.

In my case, when my grades began to dip, it was a calm talk with my father about what I ultimately wanted to do in life.  He then explained how what I was doing now could impact on my ever reaching that goal. We then went over intermediate goals I was going to have to complete to reach the final goal.  My father helped me in mapping out what I needed to do but never told me I had to do this or that, only that if I wanted to reach my final goal it was up to me to reach those intermediate goals.  He taught me that in the end I was responsible for what I did.  He also let me know that he was there to help me any time I needed it.  I never did earn that million dollars but did bring up my poor grades, ended up graduating from high school, going on to college and graduating, getting into the career choice I had made and being successful in it.  By the way, I’m still working on that million dollars!

   Check out MMA If Your Son is Struggling with Poor Grades

Marine Military Academy prides itself on helping young men be able to establish both long range and intermediate goals and being there to help them along the way.  Our record of success in this area is evident; with an average grade point average increase of 1.71 the first year and with over 97% of our graduates being accepted to colleges and universities. If your son is one of those thousands struggling with poor grades check into Marine Military Academy as a solution.  Click the image below to request information about attending Marine Military Academy.

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