Is Your Son Struggling with Grades?

Marine Military Academy:
Helping Boys Who Are Struggling with Grades

struggling with gradesIs your son one of those bright young men who is struggling with grades in school?  Does your son demonstrate the potential for good grades but continually fails to achieve them?

If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then you may want to look at Marine Military Academy as a solution.  Struggling with grades can be the result of a number of factors: lack of personal attention in the classroom, poor study habits, lack of focus on the long-term goal or even low self esteem.  All or some of these factors can contribute to a young man not living up to his academic potential.

Struggling with grades is not something that is unique among teenagers, but many times the conventional school system does not provide the ideal environment or the right tools.

Students Struggling with Grades Need the Right Tools

struggling with gradesStudents struggling with grades should not be assumed to be lazy or uncaring.  A lack of the proper tools or support may be the real reason for the poor grades.

In the case of Marine Military Academy, the right tools and support take on many forms. The first and most important is a faculty dedicated to the success of the student. Small class size allows for more attention by the teacher for each student. With an average class size of about 11 students to each teacher, your son will receive more personal attention to help him learn.

For those that are struggling to keep up their grades, mandatory tutorials ensure that they receive that extra attention and help necessary for success. This attention is passed down to the Company Drill Instructor through daily reports from the teachers. Drill Instructors are aware of those students struggling and check to ensure that assignment are done on time.  Additionally, parents are provided online access to their son’s grades so they can stay informed on a weekly basis and monitor their son’s progress.

Small Successes Help Students Struggling with Grades

Low self-esteem can lead to a student putting forth less effort than is required for success in the classroom.  At Marine Military Academy, we understand that small successes lead to big successes.

A student with low self-esteem usually fails to work harder because he feels that he is not expected to succeed anyway.  Once a student succeeds with the first small task and enjoys the recognition it brings, he is more apt to put forth greater effort on the next task to succeed again. Success breeds success, and each new task completed successfully drives the student to work harder on the next.  Struggling grades become better grades, and the positive cycle continues.

Those students that respond positively are further rewarded through promotion, monthly recognition ceremonies and additional privileges so that the desire to succeed is reinforced. At Marine Military Academy, these successes are not limited to the classroom. Cadets find that both academic and physical challenges that result in success can foster a feeling of high self-esteem. For this reason, cadets are challenged on the Leadership Enhancement and Development Complex just as they are in the classroom. A student that has a fear of heights and learns to overcome those fears while learning to rappel can walk away with a well-earned feeling of pride in himself. Once a cadet learns that he can do what he did not believe possible, all things become possible. For those struggling with grades, this positive feeling can then carry over to his academic pursuits!

Struggling With Grades Can Become a Thing of the Past!

Marine Military Academy is dedicated to your son’s academic success. If he is one of those students struggling with grades, we have a proven track record of success with the average GPA for first-year cadets increasing by 1.71.  In the 2011-2012 school year, 100 percent of Marine Military Academy graduates were accepted to colleges or universities.  Marine Military Academy understands that there is no simple solution or a single answer for students who are struggling to earn good grades. The right structure and discipline as well as the teamwork of parents, teachers, drill instructors and staff can help develop a student where struggling with grades is a thing of the past.

struggling with grades

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