Summer Camp 2012 Nears End

Summer Camp 2012 Begins Final Week

summer campAs the third week of MMA Summer Camp 2012 nears the end of week number 3, campers are extremely busy on the LEAD Complex with their last big push on all events.  Campers are getting their final chances to rappel, ride the zipline, do the high ropes, rock climb and all the other events on the complex.  With the July temperatures approaching the high 90’s the campers are pushing themselves to the limit to get in as much as possible on the courses before summer camp comes to an end.  In addition to all the high events, campers are also working on rope bridging, combat fitness test course, leadership reaction course and get some time to work out on the low ropes course events.  All in all it has been an extremely busy week at Summer Camp 2012.

 Summer Camp Final Days at the Tower

summer campThis week has seen each company get their final days of summer camp at the tower to take on rappelling of the helicopter skid, attack the rock wall for the last time and get that last big ride on the 350′ zipline.  With this being the third time each camper has been on the rappel tower their confidence has shown marked improvement since their first day going down a rope and they are exhibiting not only more confidence but much improvement in their technique.  The rock wall which initially seemed almost  impossible  has also seen a surge in the number of campers that easily tackle and conquer the wall.  Again their technique shows vast improvement since their first visit and many of the campers that are returning for school in the fall are interested in the school’s rock climbing program.  The zipline which has always been a high point for the tower visits has seen a steady line of campers riding down the cable this week.  Even those that initially shuddered at stepping off the tower now can’t wait to hook up and go for the ride of their life!  Summer camp would not be complete without that ride where they flip upside summer campdown and holler for all to hear.  It has been amazing to watch the campers confidence and skill increase over the last three weeks and it is hard to image that these are the same scared young men that climbed to the top of the tower just a few days ago.

Summer Camp Takes on High Ropes

This week was the first time during summer camp that the campers have had a chance to take on the high ropes course and with the confidence gained at the tower their performance has been outstanding.  Although a few are still nervous about being so high off the ground, they took on the challenge and showed that they can overcome their fears.  The infamous Power Pole proved to be the toughest challenge for the campers to overcome their fears on but they showed that they have come a long way and demonstrated they can take on any challenge with a smile!

summer campSummer Camp 2012 Photos

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