Summer Camp 2012 Update

Summer Camp 2012 Reaches Midpoint

summer campToday marks the halfway point for Marine Military Academy Summer Camp 2012.  Campers that arrived just 14 days ago have already gone through a transformation that is hard to imagine. The young men that showed up at registration on June 30 would hardly be recognized by their own parents today!  Physical fitness and endurance have improved, they have had the chance to take on challenges they only dreamed about a short time ago and they have made friends from all over the country. It may all seem like a blur to them at this point, but as they look back on it later, they will have fond memories to cherish for years to come.

Summer Camp Early Days

summer campThe initial days at Summer Camp were an introduction to all of the various events and courses that the campers would be tackling over the next four weeks. Tours of the LEAD Complex included demonstrations on many of the events and by the wide-eyed expressions, there was a great deal of concern about whether they could successfully complete them. Hikes around the area helped to prepare the campers for the physical challenges and acclimate them to the South Texas weather.  Before the first week ended, the campers had already taken on many of the courses on the LEAD Complex, but the most difficult ones still remained. By this time, the campers had gotten used to the early morning wake up followed by a physical fitness session before breakfast.

Summer Camp Week 2

summer campThe second week of Summer Camp 2012 saw the campers taking on the Rappel Tower, Confidence Course, Obstacle Course and Rope Bridging.  They also hit the Paintball Course, ran the Mud Course and had some more hiking thrown in for good measure. This week pushed the campers to the limit as they had to conquer any fears of heights. The Rappel Tower and Zipline tested them, and they overcame those fears! Summer Camp would not be complete without hitting the Boxing Ring for some lively action, and the campers also had a chance to try their skill at the Rifle Range. Team problem-solving on the Leadership Reaction Course helped to solidify the company and weightlifting at the gym and running sessions on the Circuit Course under SgtMaj Kinsley’s care further improved their fitness as the second week drew to a close.

Summer Camp 2012 Photos

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