LEAD Complex Work: Tire Swing

Work Completed on Another LEAD Complex Event

Maj Harold Compton

lead complexThis week work on the newest event for the LEAD Complex was finished as the new Tire Swing became operational.  Work began late last week as the old Rope Bridge had all of its equipment taken down and all hardware removed from the poles.  Cabling, hardward and old tires were staged for work to begin on erecting the new event.  Early this week the cabling for the event was fabricated and attached to the poles with appropriate backups and the hanging cables were attached for suspending the tires.  Members of the MMA Rock Climbing Team provided much of the needed manpower to complete this project.  Their reward would be trying out the new event before the Corps of Cadets!  The attached photos will give a good idea of how much fun they had.  The addition of the Tire Swing to the LEAD Complex will provide our upcoming summer program another event to test the campers.

Cadets Toil to Complete LEAD Complex Tire Swing

lead complexCadets initially had to cut all the suspension cables and attach them to the main overhead cable using a series of cable clamps.  Next each tire had to have a hole drilled for attachment of the eyebolt to suspend the tire.  Lastly the tires had to be attached to each cable at the proper height.  The work proceeded quickly as the cadets wasted no time and worked well together to get it all put together properly.  Although it was obvious that some of the cadets were new to the use of some of the tools they quickly mastered the use of them and got the project done in just under an hour!  Once the work was completed and the area cleaned up it was play time!


LEAD Complex Tire Swing a Big Hit!

lead complexCleanup could not be finished fast enough for some of the cadets.  Immediately after storing all the tools they took on the event and found it to be somewhat more difficult than they imagined.  The cabling system is strong enough to suspend one cadet on each time at the same time so they began seeing has quickly the entire group could traverse the event.  Needless to say, the event was not as easy as they imagined and provided a good test for their coordination, strength and skill.  It definitly will be a great addition to the LEAD Complex and something campers and cadets will enjoy!


More Additions to the LEAD Complex Coming

Check back next week to find out about the next addition to the LEAD Complex; the new Cable Traverse.

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