LEAD Complex: Part III, Obstacle Course

LEAD Complex Obstacle Course

Maj Harold Compton

Obstacle Course Construction and Operation

The Marine Military Academy Obstacle Course is an event that many former military personnel will recognize.  The obstacle coursecourse was built in 1999 from plans used by the United States Marine Corps for obstacle courses.  Although the Academy course followed the original plans it has some modification to accommodate younger and shorter participants.  The Obstacle Course is composed of a series of 12 obstacles that challenge the upper body and technique of the participant.  The obstacle course helps to develop strength, endurance and flexibility.   Cadets have to negotiate a series of low obstacles, a wall, a double bar pulllup and medium obstacles culminating with a
24 foot rope climb. The obstacle course proves that brute strength alone is not enough to quickly negotiate and
those cadets that work on technique find the course easier to run.

Instruction on the course is provided by company Drill Instructors who also monitor all cadets
running the course.  Elements that have the cadets over 4 feet from the ground have uncompressed wood chips below them for safety.   The Obstacle Course is also used extensively during the Academy Summer Camp Program and is one of the events on the Iron Man Competition at the end of summer camp.  After running the course cadets learn the proper technique is just as important as overall strength.  Those cadets that are able to master the
better techniques find that their run times decrease significantly.

obstacle course

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