Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Journalism Merit Badge Wrapup

Boy Scouts Troop 22: Journalism Merit Badge Wrap Up

boy scouts troop 22Ms. Andi Atkinson led Boy Scouts Troop 22 Scouts to completion of the Journalism Merit Badge.  This final segment covered the importance of photography and photographic techniques as it applies to professional Journalism and news reporting.  The meaning behind the saying,  “A picture is worth a thousand words” was clearly demonstrated through a discussion of a series of historic news photos of public and global impact.   The sample photographs selected by Ms. Atkinson rapidly gained focus and pulled the boys into the topic.  They learned how expert photography can greatly enhance the understanding and the overall reading and viewing experience of the individual news seeker.   It became clear that thought provoking news photos can serve to educate, fuel emotions, inspire citizen involvement, and initiate positive political action.

SgtMaj Carson Instructs Boy Scouts Troop 22

boy scouts troop 22Ms. Atkinson was followed by a superb presentation on modern photography techniques and equipment as conducted by SgtMajor Carson, Delta Company Drill Instructor. He provided the boys with a very informative demonstration on the proper use of the high-speed and very expensive photographic equipment he owns.  The boys learned of the current state-of-the-art in photographic technology, and about the many “moving parts” required to create a professional photograph. The presentation left no doubt as to SgtMajor Carson’s impressive skill level and topic knowledge.  Boy Scouts Troop 22 greatly appreciated SgtMaj Carson’s presentation as it was helful in them working on the Journalism Merit Badge.


 Boy Scouts Troop 22 Thanks to Ms. Atkinson

Thanks to the selfless personal efforts of Ms. Atkinson over the past several weeks our  Boy Scouts came away with a new appreciation and insight into the world of Journalism and was instrumental in them completing the Journalism Merit Bage work.

Boy Scout Troop 22 Journalism Merit Badge in the news

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