Boy Scout Troop 22 News: Journalism Merit Badge Part 2

Boy Scouts Troop 22 News

boy scoutsMs. Andi Atkinson continued with part-3 of the Journalism Merit Badge. In this segment our Boy Scouts learned how to spot differences in how the very same news story can be approached in vastly different angles by reporters from competing news organizations.  Examples used in this exercise included several reports on the recent tragic death of Whitney Houston. Contrasting differences in the information flow and reporting methods was striking when the articles were analyzed side by side. Ms. Atkinson also dissected the elements essential to an effective news story; format, succession of newsworthy information, how to impact the reader and maintain attention, etc. Her expert presentation was very informative, and placed the Boy Scouts “inside” the journalistic mindset of a skilled reporter.  The boys came away with a deeper understanding of news reporting techniques and concepts. Troop 22 Boy Scouts are looking forward to part-4 next week.

Boy Scouts Extend Thanks

boy scoutsThe meeting occurred on Valentine’s Day. In celebration and appreciation, Boy Scouts awarded Ms. Atkinson with a beautiful vase of pink roses, then engaged in Valentine reverie with assorted sweets and soft drinks. Seemed the Twinkies were such an excitable hit that Cadet-Scout David Rice had to be reminded to first remove the wrapper! He confessed to being a huge Twinkie fan. It was great fun seeing the boys wearing giant smiles prior to ending the meeting. Our Scouts asked to send along a big THANK YOU! to parents/guardians for the financial support that allows Troop 22 to engage in quality activities like this.


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