MMA Cyber Patriots Advance

 Cyber Patriot Competition

In each Cyber Patriot competition round, students are provided one to three virtual machines. These machine contain several vulnerabillities, and students must clean the image of them. The virtual machines can have Windows or GNU/Linux Operating systems. They are given a set amount of time on the competition day to do so. Teams that find the most vulnerabilties pass on to the next round, and the winners of all three rounds compete in the Cyber Patriot National Championships in Washington, D.C.

The Marine Military Academy Cyber Patriot Team has now officially scored high enough on Round 2 for advancement to Round 3.  Round 3 competition will be held 13-14 January 2012.  Be sure to check back to see how our Cadets do in the next round.

Cyber Patriot Results

A total of 7 Marine JROTC Cyber Patriot teams  from across the nation advanced to Round 3.  Those MCJROTC schools that advanced are:

Dallastown, Montachuseetts Tech, La Cueva, MMA, Round Rock, Montgomery and Catholic.  Of the 7 MCJROTC schools that advancing, 4 are from the state of Texas.

Congratulations Leathernecks!