Document Cameras in the Classroom

Marine Military Academy:  Document Camera in the Classrooms

document cameraThe Marine Military Academy is implementing the use of document cameras, projectors, and laptop setups this semester. Five document cameras with projectors were purchased this school year and installed in the English  and Math Departments.  Teachers have welcomed the use of this equipment in their classrooms.  A document camera is one of the easiest and quickest ways to integrate technology into a classroom because very few special skills are needed to use this piece of equipment and they have such a variety of uses.


Document Camera Uses

document cameraDuring a lesson, teachers easily switch back and forth between the document camera and the computer. Teachers easily transition from PowerPoint presentations to guided practice worksheets, sample essays, passages, and grammar exercises. This one piece of classroom technology can be used to actively engage students in the learning process. A computer connected to the internet can provide a wealth of supplemental material for daily lessons and be displayed for the entire class using the document camera.  Due to the growing number of visual learners at MMA, this technological aid is essential to the academic growth of our students. Additionally, students confidently share their own work with the rest of their peers by creating and presenting PowerPoint presentation projects.  On a practical note, the new equipment eliminates the need for scanners and cuts back on the need for copies saving valuable time and paper. Instead of copying 30 quizzes for a class, place a copy of the quiz under a document camera and have students answer the questions on a sheet of paper.   Schools are always looking at ways to maximize the financial resources that are available and the Marine Military Academy is no different, saving can be allocated to other means to enhance education.  Considering the cost of  other options, such as Smartboards, put the document camera and projector into a price range that is easily affordable during these times and allows the Academy to expand technology throughout the school.

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