Cyber Patriot Update: Round 3

Marine Military Academy Cyber Patriot Team, Round 3

On Saturday January 14, 2012 MMA Devil Dogs started the third round of Cyber Patriot competition. In early morning the cadets started their round about 8:08 a.m. and finished at 2:08 p.m.

Cyber Patriot Competition Problems

On a Windows server 2003, which was a mail relay server, their job was to make sure the server primary service stayed up and removed any vulnerabilities within 6 hours.  They received a score of 95% on this portion of the competition.   On the second server, which was an Ubuntu system, the vulnerabilities were a lot more difficult to find and fix.  Due to the way the instructions were written, it required a lot more thought because they not sure what they were supposed to do.   They were supposed to determine which of the many services was under attack and harden and protect it against vulnerabilities.  According to Mr. Beckman the team did an overall outstanding job.  Way to go Devil Dogs.

cyber patriotCyber Patriot Team

The team consists of the following cadets:  Team Captain Scott Strauss, Douglas Hodge, Logan Workman, Dylan Che, Jose Rodriguez, and Daniil Murashov.   Unfortunately our team did not score quite high enough on this round and did not make it to the Final Round.  We got 3rd in the Marine Division, and 13 place out of 39 teams in round 3.  Way to go devil dogs…

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