College Admissions: The New SAT

The New SAT  -Redesigned and Coming in Spring 2016!

You may have heard that SAT exam is being redesigned. You should be happy to know that the new SAT exam will be more practical and “real world” than ever before. The goals for these changes are to spur improved college preparation and improved assessment of skills required for college success.  The changes are scheduled to implemented in the spring of 2016.

Key SAT changes include:

    •  There will be three primary sections:
      •  Reading/Writing
      • Math
      • Essay
    • The Read/Writing and Math sections will be worth 800 points for an overall maximum score of 1600.  The essay will be scored separately.
    • The mandatory essay will be eliminated.  It will be replaced with an optional essay.
    • Vocabulary requirements will focus on words likely encountered in a classroom.  In vocabulary sections, word meaning will be ascertained in the context of a sentence.
    • In reading sections, student will need to demonstrate the ability to interpret evidence found in multiple passages and informational graphics.
    • Writing skills will involve analyzing paragraphs to ensure they are grammatically correct and accurately convey information.
    • Reading and writing sections will include literature and non-fiction material likely to be encountered in academic settings.
    • The essay section will focus on a student’s abilities to construct and support an argument based on passages they read.
    • Calculators will only be allowed on part of the Math section.
    • Math sections will focus on three areas:
      • Qualitative analysis of ratios, percentages and proportions
      • Linear and systems of equations
      • Manipulation of complex equations

In addition to the changes outlined above, in the new SAT there will no longer be penalties for incorrect answers.

The SAT program will also offer fee waivers for low income students to improve their access to the test.

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Jennifer Explains College Admissions
Director of College Guidance at MMA

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