MMA Troop 22: Flag Retirement Ceremony

MMA Troop 22: Flag Retirement Ceremony

MMA Boy Scouts led an impressive Flag Retirement ceremony behind the Iwo Jima monument on board campus this Veterans Day (Nov 11th). This was in conjunction with the annual Veterans Day Parade conducted by the MMA Corps of Cadets. Community members, and of course all Veterans were invited to attend. This year’s program saw significant participation by the public, who came together in honor of those who have unselfishly served our nation in war and/or peace time. Many public participants came adorned with clothing articles boldly sounding-off their loyal respect for our military and our Veterans.

The event opened with the Star Spangled Banner, followed by a splendid performance by the MMA Silent Drill Team. The Corps of Cadets then conducted a traditional battalion formation, followed by a parade style pass and review. All Veterans were encouraged to step forward and receive a specially prepared flag remnant in honor and appreciation of their individual devotion in serving to protect our grateful nation.

Directly after the ceremony, MMA Boy Scout Troop 22 members held a Flag Retirement ceremony. All Veterans and community members were invited to participate. MMA Cadet and hard-charging Star Scout Robert Walter acted as the officer-in-charge and master of ceremonies. He is earning the Communications Merit Badge, and a public speaking activity is one part of the requirement. Now, Robbie’s dad is serving on active duty as a Major General in the U.S. Army. His parents attended with a surprise! visit to witness and participate in the retirement.

Photos show pre-ceremony preparation. Mr. Steve Gerber of Troop 22 is seen providing some last minute coaching. This was followed by the parade events and flag retirement. This was the very first Flag Retirement ceremony for many of the community members. The Scouts rehearsed at length this past Saturday, and did they ever WOW! the public at show time with their military style precision and professionalism. The MMA Maintenance Staff must also be commended for their behind the scenes support and invaluable material contributions to the overall success of the event.

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