Spring Plebe Training Nears the End

MMA Plebe Training Nears End

plebe trainingPlebe training officially comes to an end for twenty seven plebes at the Spring Plebe Graduation Parade on Saturday, 9 February 2013.  As the newly inducted cadets marched off the parade deck they will look back on the last four weeks of training that prepared them to join the Corps of Cadets.  As the new plebes went through the stages of registration; paperwork, meeting drill instructors, haircuts, uniform issue and moving into their barracks they could not have imagined what the next few weeks held for them.  In addition to their classwork, all plebes were required to undergo four weeks of training.  Their training began the day they arrived for registration and continued without break and included numerous training classes, hours of close order drill and weekends on the LEAD Complex.  Without fail they all succeeded in completing their training and now ready to proudly wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor of all MMA cadets.

Plebe Training on the LEAD Complex

trainingPlebe training included several weekends on the LEAD Complex and introduced the plebes to all of the various courses.  Training began with the plebes early on Saturday, 19 January when they  took on pugil sticks, the low COPE events and played some flag football.  The following day they took on the Confidence and Obstacle courses and showed they had what it takes.  Of course this weekend would not be complete with a few hours of close order drill.  Watching the plebes go through their drill routines it was hard to believe that just a few days earlier they had never heard these commands or attempted to perform the movements.

plebe training 3Plebe Training Reaches New Heights

The next weekend would take plebe training to new heights as the schedule would include rappelling, zipline and high ropes.  Plebe arrived at the MMA tower early on Saturday morning for their introduction to the vertical world.  Following class on proper wear of equipment all plebes had to undergo ground training.  Each plebe practiced a simulated rappel on the ground training station to gain confidence in their ability and the equipment.  They then mounted the tower where each would rappel down the wall first and then take on the helicopter skid rappel.  Looking at all the smiles it was easy to see how much they enjoyed this activity.  Although a few were nervous hanging out in space thirty feet off the ground they all completed the training and moved on to the 350′ zipline.  This was the event they had all looked forward to and once again tackled it with relish.  Training ended with the Leadership Reaction Course where teamwork and problem solving were the overall aim.  Plebes again took on their task and showed that they had learned how to work together to accomplish any task.  Check out all the pictures of plebe training on the tower and LRC!

plebe training 4The afternoon session would be no less exciting as the plebes took on the high ropes course.  Here the plebes would test their self-confidence and fear of heights like nowhere else.  Balancing on a 3/8″ cable over 30 feet in the air would be a real challenge for the plebes but they were more than up to the task.  As always, the Power Pole figured to be the most challenging and a number of plebes hesitated before taking that leap of faith.  All plebes were rewarded with an exhilarating flight and smooth descent to earth.  Be sure to check out all the photos of high ropes!

The weekend ended with the plebes getting their first taste of the MMA Paintball course.

Be sure to check back next Monday for an article and photos from the graduation parade!

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