LEAD Complex Gets Facelift

Donation of Topsoil Helps Upgrade LEAD Complex

Maj Harold Compton

lead complexOver the last few weeks the MMA LEAD Complex has  undergone a facelift courtesy of a donation of almost 4000 cubic yards of topsoil.  The topsoil was donated by La Feria Excavations and came from a job they were doing in the local area.  Rather than hauling the soil many miles and paying to dump it they inquired as to whether MMA could use the dirt and were quickly informed that we had a need on the LEAD Complex.  Over the years the complex has flooded several times, most notably during Hurricane Dolly.  Each time the complex flooded the events could not be used for as much as three weeks waiting for the water to subside and dry up.

In addition to donating the soil, La Feria Excavations provided the equipment and personnel to place it where needed and spread it level across a large area.  As you can see in the photo to the left the majority of the soil was  used to bring the area of the Circuit Course and Rope Bridging up level.  Around the Rope Bridge event the ground was actually raised a total of 2 1/2 feet while the Circuit Course was brought up about 1 foot.

LEAD Complex to Be Ready for Summer Camp

lead complexWith the addition of the topsoil the Academy will no longer be faced with closing down the LEAD Complex due to flooding.  Work is also continuing on several events in preparation for Summer Camp 2013.  First well be the delivery of approximately 1000 more cubic yards of soil which will be spread over some low areas on the east side of the LEAD Complex.  All ropes will be replaced, all belay cables will also be replaced this spring and the poles for the Rope Bridging will be replaced with new telephone poles.  Several  parking area barriers are being installed and new camouflage netting will be installed on the top of the tower and the pugil stick pit for shade.  A new sun shade netting will be erected in the area of the south east high ropes course and work on installing climbing holds on the west wall of the tower has been completed.  Lastly the new obstacles on the Confidence Course were finished and tested out by our Plebes class this past weekend.  All of them agreed that they were tough but fun!  With all the work done so far and what is coming the LEAD Complex will indeed be ready for Summer Camp 2013.

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